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Freedom Roofing Company - Our Story

Raul Mata - Freedom Roofing

Freedom Roofing is family owned and operated. We have over twenty years of roofing experience. The owner Raul started working as a laborer at a Roofing Company and worked his way up to become a Foreman. With lots of hard work and dedication, he started his own company, Freedom Roofing Company. Joining him in this mission of providing great roofing are his two brothers, Alex and Gil.

Alex has over eleven years of experience in the roofing industry and has taken on the responsibility of General Manager. He works directly with homeowners looking to repair or replace the roof on their homes. As General Manager, Alex will always make sure that every customer understands his or her best options when it comes to doing work on their roof.

Gilbert, the eldest of the two brothers, counts on over twenty-five years of roofing experience. Just like Raul, Gilbert started working as a laborer and worked his way up. He now serves as Freedom Roofing Company’s Production Manager. Gilbert’s thorough knowledge and experience allows him to oversee production and attend to any of the projects the company is working on. Gilbert’s years of experience allows him to work directly with building owners and provide the best available option for their projects.

The team at Freedom Roofing Company comes from a family of roofers. The three brothers have grown up around an entire generation of Roofers. Their uncles, cousins, friends, have all shared a passion for roofing. Each of the three brothers started roofing right after High School. While college was an option for them, they decided that providing professional roofing was their life’s destiny. The dynamic work environment is something that they enjoy, and something that is not found easily. They love the concept of not having a daily routine and being able to solve different types of challenges for their customers.

Raul in particular, enjoys the Freedom that comes with Roofing. He has the option of setting his own schedule and enjoys being able to spend time with his family. His wife, eight-year-old daughter and four-year-old son, all love the fact that he can be home during certain hours of the day. His passion for Roofing goes way beyond the work, he loves meeting and working with new people. He is always working hard to ensure customer satisfaction. His motto is to work on projects as if it was a project he was building for his own family. The importance of having a good roof in place means safety, peace, and satisfaction.

At Freedom Roofing Company, every customer will be treated as family. We are proud of the quality we provide and will always do our best to make every customer equally proud of the roof they purchased. Our commitment to your roof, is always Free.


Over 25 years of combined Roofing Experience, Our Family Owned and Operated company is here to be your most trusted Roofing Contractor.


We are proud of the quality we provide and will always do our best to make every customer equally proud of the roof they purchased. Our commitment to your roof, is always Free.


Attention to Detail is what separates a roofer from a Professional Roofing Contractor. Creating a positive roofing experience for our customers is what sets us apart. Customers deserve greatness when purchasing a new roof or a roof repair.